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Our Process

​We’ do our outmost to get you a better transaction than what you provided us

Why we do it this way?


We are free of charge!

What happens when we beat your deal ?

We send you to a local dealer to:
-complete the transaction
-complete a credit application
-sign all legal documentation

Why use us?
we offer a service that's quick, friendly and honest,  that brings you value  directly in your pocket, and all customers like to save money* $$ .

*savings vary every 1st of the month...


car broker


we buy your trade-in

It may seem like a long list but its what you need to make a well informed decision.

We have access to more auctions and private buyers to get you more money than dealers you visit!

We offer an honest and reliable price check,

free of charge*

*To accomplish this, we need a current dealer quote that you received with the info below to ensure we price the correct  vehicle you desire, free of discrepancies.

Email to:

please include:

-car make


-option packages selected

-freebies offered

-Sale price (including Transport and prep)

-Trade in value (before tax)

-Cash down if any  and (if leased with tax included) 

-interest rate (finance or Lease)

Monthly payment before and after tax

-Residual value  or Buyback if Leased

-Annual Kilometer required 

-Loyalty discounts from manufacturer (dollar amount) or

-Loyalty discounts from manufacturer (% interest reduction)

Montreal BAsed Operations

We are a group of sales experts with more than 25 years sales experience! We are the most friendly, honest auto sales guys in greater Montreal 

​Local Canadian Vehicles

We make deals happen!

We offer only Canadian cars From Local are certified New. 

All Financing and Leasing are done through the Manufacturing institutions!